Wedding Photography is Expensive!

Why Wedding Photography Is So Expensive For Your Big Day

Are you planning a wedding and wondering why all the photographers are so dang expensive? Wondering what makes wedding photography cost you more than your wedding dress and venue combined? I can tell you. It has to do with your big day being one of the most stressful events for a photographer to deal with. It’s not a pleasant experience, being in a hurry and yelled at all day. We would often rather work with entitled models than brides. That’s how bad it gets sometime. Well, those aren’t the only reasons. If you want to know even more juicy things, read on mike souheil photographer.

You see, weddings are an all day or all night affair. You are paying for time as well as skill. You are asking a photographer to work for hours on end with little breaks, taking pictures of total strangers who may or may not cooperate. There’s also all the drunk people, all the sweating people, and God help your photographer if they’re allergic to your flowers and your venue. Sometimes you are asking a person to go way beyond their comfort zone. So pay them for the effort and work! Mike souheil’s

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